Motörhead - Orgasmatron

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Release date: 9 August 1986
Style: Heavy metal


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Disc I
01. Deaf Forever
02. Nothing Up My Sleeve
03. Ain't My Crime
04. Claw
05. Mean Machine
06. Built For Speed
07. Ridin' With The Driver
08. Doctor Rock
09. Orgasmatron
10. On The Road [live] [bonus]
11. Steal Your Face [live] [bonus]
12. Claw [alternate version] [bonus]

Disc II [Live From Caister, Great Yarmouth, Saturday 13th October, 1984] [Deluxe Edition bonus]
01. Stay Clean
02. Heart Of Stone
03. Nothing Up My Sleeve
04. Metropolis
05. Killed By Death
06. Ace Of Spades
07. Steal Your Face
08. (We Are) The Road Crew
09. Motörhead
10. Bomber
11. Overkill

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Guest review by
Doc G.
And so it begins, what I like to think of as the second Motorhead era, all remnants of the past (besides Lemmy) have left the band; no Philthy, no Fast Eddie, and no Brian Robertson. Philthy Animal Taylor being replaced by ex-Saxon stickman Pete Gill, and Brian 'Robo' Robertson being replaced by 2 guitarists; Michael "Würzel" Burston and the current guitarist Phil Campbell (this also marks the begining of the 5 album dual-guitar era of Motorhead). This album shows for the first time that Lemmy is able to write a good album with none of the original members.

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Year was 1990. Buddy and I rented a car near the Navy Base. It had a tape deck, so we stopped by a music store and he bought this tape. Over the course of our weekend Rent-A-Wreck adventures, he altered the lyrics of the title track to "I am the one, <insert bitter's real name here> son, the outstretched gaping image is of agony, my servants rape the land."

This beer's for you, Lemmy. (with a toast to Worsham, should he ever randomly stumble on this site.)

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02.08.2010 - 03:47
Third track is "Ain't My Crime". The Tracklist is not complete.
02.08.2010 - 12:36
Angelic Storm
Yep, "Claw" and "Mean Machine" are the 2 tracks missing from the tracklist. lol

This is one of the best Motorhead albums IMO. "Deaf Forever" and "Mean Machine" are my faves from it though.
17.01.2012 - 00:43
Rating: 9
Fucking great album to rock out to, and that title track is monstrous. Not their heaviest album, but certainly one of their best in terms of songwriting\m/
19.01.2013 - 21:42
Account deleted
Very excellent album. The title track is a monster and the other tracks are outstanding too.
03.03.2013 - 18:12
Doctor rock blew all the excitement, until the first riff of the title track
I'm derp.
22.09.2013 - 08:27
Account deleted
The first and last track are the freaking shit.
19.02.2015 - 08:30
Rating: 8
M C Vice
But what IS the claw?
"Another day, another Doug."
"I'll fight you on one condition. That you lower your nipples."
19.02.2015 - 17:58
Account deleted
Written by M C Vice on 19.02.2015 at 08:30

But what IS the claw?

Well this is a meme I never knew existed.
23.05.2015 - 06:57
I've forgotten how great this album was. Catchy as fuck
I'm derp.
05.09.2015 - 20:08
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
The lyrics to the title track are just so fucking good (as is the music). Probably the best Motorhead album in my opinion
03.01.2016 - 17:44
Rating: 8
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
I agree with Alex.

One of the finest records ever produce by Motorhead. Still listen on my pad. Post-Lemmy passing, this record got more special.
04.01.2016 - 10:07
Almost all their records got more special.
I'm derp.

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