Aerosmith - Get A Grip

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Release date: 20 April 1993
Style: Blues rock, Hard rock


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01. Intro
02. Eat The Rich
03. Get A Grip
04. Fever
05. Livin' On The Edge
06. Flesh
07. Walk On Down
08. Shut Up And Dance
09. Cryin'
10. Gotta Love It
11. Crazy
12. Line Up
13. Can't Stop Messin' [International Version bonus]
14. Amazing
15. Boogie Man

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28.11.2010 - 06:13
Rating: 10
Alex Smith
The best album ever!!!
28.11.2010 - 06:18
Angelic Storm
Wow, its been a few years since I heard this album! lol From what I can remember of it, it has some good songs, but I found it a bit weak compared its predecessor, "Pump". xD
28.11.2010 - 13:38
Rating: 8
The Shape 1973
Livin' On The Edge, what a song.

Some fantastic videos from this album as well. Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone. Nice
Just because you believe in your strong morals it doesn't mean they are correct
28.11.2010 - 13:55
Angelic Storm
Written by The Shape 1973 on 28.11.2010 at 13:38

Livin' On The Edge, what a song.

Agreed! It is the best on that album, and is amongst their all time best tracks. Even if it had been on "Pump", it would have been one of the highlights. xD
04.09.2013 - 21:16
Rating: 6
The last of what I like to call "The successful album trilogy" by Aerosmith. Unfortunately, and I know this will rub some fans up the wrong way, I consider this album to be the weakest of the three-ALTHOUGH it has some of the band's best songs to date. I mean 'Eat the rich' and 'Livin' on the edge' are absolute classics and beautifully written, and few would argue that 'Crazy' is one of the best ballads in the band's career. But for me there's just too many moments where the band come across as uninspired, particularly with the title track, 'Flesh' and 'Gotta love it'. Aside from that, a few of the songs are stretched out unnecessarily. 'Livin on the edge' is a beautiful song, but I would love it even more if it didn't have that rather repetitive outro in the last minute or so. The same problem I think affects 'Cryin' and 'Fever', but that's just me.

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