Svart - Våran Tid Är Förbi [EP]

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Release date: 1 April 2009
Style: Depressive black metal


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01. Den Absoluta Tomheten (The Absolute Emptiness)
02. Mot Dödens Slätter (Towards The Fields Of Death)
03. Dessa Kedjor, Dessa Bojor (These Chains, These Shackles)

Bonus tracks:
04. Ångest (Intro)
05. Då Allt Upphör (When Everything Ceases)
06. Ändlöst (Endless)
07. Låt Det Ske (Let It Happen)

Additional info
Frostscald Records, CD limited to 1000 copies, including "Då Allt Upphör" demo as bonus tracks.
MC released by Livsleda Records.

Staff review by
Troy Killjoy
Draug created Svart just a few years ago, in 2007 to be exact, with the intent of expressing his feelings to the world (or at least a very small portion of it) through the majesty of song. Bearing that in mind, there is more to this album than simple emotions. There is a great deal of atmosphere - a particularly daunting atmosphere at that - in addition to what can only be described as an emotional journey. But there are also significant weaknesses in the bones of this album's skeleton.

published 21.04.2010 | Comments (13)

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