Votum - Metafiction

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Release date: November 2009
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Falling Dream
02. Glassy Essence
03. Home
04. Faces
05. Stranger Than Fiction
06. Indifferent
07. December 20th

Staff review by
Doc G.
Castrated metal - thy name is Votum.

Making super-melodic metal seems like an incredibly difficult task these days, finding a balance between delicate beauty and being actually metal. Votum manage to pull this balance off really well...at least for the first few songs. The expansive soundscapes set a fantastic backdrop for this epic sounding prog album, cram-packed full of sweeping, sorrowful melodies. This is another band that seems to know the value of infectious songwriting above pointless displays of virtuosity - that's not to say the musicians aren't quite remarkable. All showy displays of musicianship are done with taste, not self-loving arrogance. Basically picture a more electric sounding version of Opeth's Damnation, throw in a taste or two of some hardcore-ish type vocals, and you've got Metafiction .

published 15.08.2010 | Comments (9)

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