Pyramids - Wvndrkmmer [Boxset]

Release date: April 2010
Style: Experimental rock, Post-rock , Ambient


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Disc I
01. Neuntöter Der Plage
02. TenHornedBeast
03. Burial Hex
04. Rabbit Girls
05. Black Seas Of Infinity
06. Wicked Messenger
07. Josh Lay
08. Sigillum Dei
09. Black Roller Crop Rotation
10. 9922

Disc II
01. Fear Falls Burning
02. Yen Pox
03. Encomiast
04. Exit In Grey
05. The Spirit Dies
06. Luasa Raelon
07. Wyrm
08. Sin Of A Higher Strain
09. Drowning The Virgin Silence
10. Paradin

Disc III
01. Windy & Carl
02. Bjerga / Iversen
03. Fences
04. Wereju
05. Le Knell
06. Andrew Weathers
07. Bones Of Seabirds
08. Mystified
09. Nicholas Szczepanik
10. Nils Helstrom

Disc IV
01. Amber Asylum
02. Bass Communion
03. Hoor-Paar-Kraat
04. Light Of Shipwreck
05. True Colour Of Blood
06. Teeth Collection
07. Great Falls
08. Hiroki Sasajima
09. Jeremy Bible
10. Offthesky
11. Rise Of Because

Disc V
01. Mamiffer
02. Ala Muerte
03. Romance Of Young Tigers
04. This Will Destroy You
05. Ulan Bator
06. Across Tundras
07. At The Head Of The Woods
08. Blood Fountains
09. Ghoul Detail
10. Lunar Miasma
11. Oakeater
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Additional info
"Each artist participating in this collection received original Pyramids music with no instructions other than to make a new work from any or all of the sounds provided along with anything else they wanted to add to the mix. All forms of manipulation were encouraged and utilized. 'Wvndrkmmer' contains fifty-two pure interpretations of the same music, which was not so much a song, but four separate, cooperating textures."

Five pro-printed cassettes in a vinyl case with a silver-on-black 6-panel insert & color wrap-around cover (which must be cut to open the release), all housed in a cardboard slip-case sealed with a silver wax Pyramids emblem. The case is intended to hold six tapes, and there is a place-holder in the final slot with a sticker bearing the Pyramids logo affixed to it.

Limited to 300 copies in two editions: a red edition (red cassettes and red cardboard wrap) of 100 and a black edition (black cassettes and black cardboard wrap) of 200 copies.

Small Doses Records.


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06.09.2010 - 01:04
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If the concept and some of those artists are anything to go by this could well be the best thing ever.
30.05.2011 - 01:39
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Right, I'm gonna listen to all 6 hours of music on this boxset, and by the time I get to the end this 2000 word essay that was due in a week ago will be finished...

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