Hæresiarchs Of Dis - Denuntiatus Cinis

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Release date: 12 October 2010
Style: Black metal


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01. Entry
02. Intent The Proem
03. The Respite
04. Intent Canticle
05. Intent The Augury
06. Bemoan The Fallen
07. Median Existere
08. Nine Days They Fell
09. Intent Concupiscence
10. Ad Baculum
11. Intent The Succedaneum
12. Intent Postremo Enclosure Orsorum
13. Exeunt

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Troy Killjoy
Black metal
United States
Moribund Records

Line-up on the CD:
Cernunnos - vocals, all instruments

Hæresiarchs Of Dis is a one-man occult black metal project formed in the late '90s that reeks of early Emperor imitation yet never seems to capture the essence of what makes a great black metal album. I'm talking about songwriting of course: everyone and their dog can write cliche riffs according to the restrictions of a specific metal genre, but to do it in such a way that breaks through to an entire audience and demands their undivided attention - that is what music is all about.

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