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Seven Thorns - Return To The Past

7.8 | 6 votes |
Release date: 23 November 2010
Style: Power metal


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01. Liberty
02. End Of The Road
03. Through The Mirror
04. Freedom Call
05. Countdown
06. Forest Majesty
07. Spread Your Wings
08. Fires And Storms
09. Return To The Past

Staff review by
Doc G.
Wow...I think the last time I remember feeling this immense feeling of heart-pounding cheesiness since first hearing Edguy's Vain Glory Opera when discovering this sub-genre known as "power metal".

I've got to hand it to Seven Thorns though, they've managed to actually create something here. The cookie cutter mold for a lot of power metal these days is so repetitive - lay down the same driving rhythm track from end to end across the album, then paste a few keyboard & guitar leads on top. These guys on the other hand use that layout as more of a loose skeleton for the music, and expand on that framework. Another commendable aspect of Return To The Past is the bands appreciation of the fact that metal was built around massive guitar sounds. The keyboards are there, and quite prominent, but act more complimentary rather than compensation for lack of creativity in the riff department. As a kicker, this vocalist doesn't wuss-up the music with poor-ranged crying into the mic. He's got one thing that seems to be a constant in all great power metal - a vocalist with some range. It's dynamic - which is a lot more than we can say for a good chunk of bands around today.

published 20.02.2011 | Comments (8)

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