Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses

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Release date: 16 January 2006
Style: Gothic metal, Progressive metal


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01. Sweet Leaf
02. The Burden Is Mine... Alone
03. Maybe?
04. Alone
05. 9-29-045
    1 - I: My Greater Cause
    2 - II: Homecoming
    3 - III: House Of Cards
06. Child's Play Part III
07. High Tide Waves
08. Six Ribbons [Jon English cover] [bonus]

Terje Vik Schei - acoustic guitars
Tommy Jacksonville - drums, percussion
Kjetil Nordhus - vocals
Kenneth Silden - piano, strings, mellotron
Bjørn "Berserk" Hårstad - tremolo guitar, slide guitar
Stein Roger Sordal - bass, ebow, vocals
Michael S. Krumins - acoustic guitar, theremin, semi-acoustic guitar

Additional musicians:
Gustav Ekeberg - viola
Bernt Andre Moen - cello
Leif Wiese - violin

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It's a wintry afternoon, the clouds start covering the horizon and melancholy is pouring from the darkening sky. I decide to listen to something soft, fragile and at the same time utterly emotional and, believe me, Green Carnation's new attempt, "The Acoustic Verses", is the ideal soundtrack to a serene and esoteric journey adorned with beauty and melancholy.

published 18.01.2006 | Comments (11)

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19.08.2013 - 10:55
Rating: 2
Sooo boringly difficult to listen to.

I drink moosepiss
16.11.2013 - 07:32
Some songs are so relaxing that makes me want to rest in my bed for more than 24 hours. I love it.
By blood... Resurrection?
By body... Redemption?
By God... Domination?
By Pilate... Crucifixion!
23.11.2013 - 02:49
Rating: 5
The Warchief
Well, i liked 3 songs "Alone, Child's Play Part III & Six Ribbons (which had been released before)", But the rest of the songs are so damn boring and not impressive. So generally the album is not good although it contained 3 good songs.
29.05.2014 - 22:47
Rating: 2
This band is dreadful, why are they still active?

I drink moosepiss
29.05.2014 - 23:02
Rating: 9
Written by Big-Al on 29.05.2014 at 22:47

This band is dreadful, why are they still active?

as far as I know, they are not active any more.
Also, this band, and this album kick serious ass.
Giving my ears a rest from music.
30.05.2014 - 06:46
Troy Killjoy
Written by Big-Al on 29.05.2014 at 22:47
This band is dreadful...

Not all bands can be as brilliant as AC/DC I guess.
I have no memory of this place.
11.06.2014 - 23:13
Rating: 9
I've heard a lot of acoustic/mellow versions of heavier songs - it's been a trendy thing in American rock for a long time now. Most of the time it seems like just a money grab/trying to pick up a little more airplay and exposure outside of the normal channels. It's nice to hear a metal band do an album like this by writing actual good songs. I do wish it was a little longer - or, you know, that Green Carnation was still making music.
06.07.2015 - 00:41
Account deleted
I love this. Alone, Child's Play and my favourite 9-29-045 are brilliant. I don't like High Tide Waves very much though.

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