Gnaw Their Tongues - Gnaw Their Tongues / Lunar Miasma / Mrtyu / Xela [Split] [EP]

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Release date: May 2009
Style: Experimental black metal, Noise , Drone


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Gnaw Their Tongues
01. My Womb Is Barren And I Want Revenge

Lunar Miasma
02. Triangles

03. Prin Apo Ton Thanato
04. Meta Apo Ton Thanato

05. Al Arwah
06. Al Amlah

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CDr limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.


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11.05.2014 - 04:32
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Tit. Took me 5 minutes before I realised I'd already listened to the GTT track on the standalone release.

Lunar Miasma's track was fucking fantastic. Like a Boards of Canada track slowed down to glacial speeds. Really simple but loaded with droning retro synth layering and spacey imagery from sci-fi films. Very 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the layers get really intense and trippy. Definitely going to explore them further.

Mrtyu seem a bit Birchville Cat Motel-y. A cool, slowly ascending analogue drone build up over a minimalist ambient soundtrack before reaching noise territory, and then the next track being a total noise infusion. Kinda didn't like the second track as much, but oh well.

Xela kinda do the same thing but the other way round. Noisey Merzbow-isms, and then the second track is an excellent and eerie subtle dark ambient number. This is exactly the kind of thing I like to listen to before I sleep, so tempted to leave my GTT exploration here until tomorrow.

6 great songs out of 8, so pretty good for a 4 way split.

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