Hibria - Blind Ride

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Release date: 26 January 2011
Style: Heavy metal


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Disc I
01. Blind Ride
02. Nonconforming Minds
03. Welcome To The Horror Show
04. Shoot Me Down
05. Blinded By Faith
06. The Shelter's On Fire
07. Beyond Regrets Of The Past
08. I Feel No Bliss
09. Sight Of Blindness
10. Tough Is The Way
11. Rotten Souls
12. I'm Gonna Live Till I Die [Japanese bonus] [Frank Sinatra cover]

Disc II [Bonus DVD]
01. Tiger Punch
02. Living Under Ice
03. Stare At Yourself
04. A Kingdom To Share
05. Steel Lord On Wheels

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03.12.2010 - 09:33
Account deleted
IMO "Defying The Rules" was a masterpiece. I want something like it.
27.01.2011 - 02:07
Can not wait to hear this album!!!!!!!
28.01.2011 - 02:18
We all want Reza... I guess they miss their drummer, because the one after that didn't even got close... agree Defying The Rules was a masterpiece!!! I hope the other songs of the new album bring back that spark!
29.01.2011 - 17:23
Eider Spinoza
03.02.2011 - 04:27
Metal slave
I wasnt really that into it... but i dont think its hirbias fault...just no excitment for it, yet
04.02.2011 - 17:54
Rating: 8
The drumming and riffing are Insane, but I think the solos weren't as inspired as before, also the vocals sound kinda meh
Overall very good album, but probably the weakest of the three.
22.03.2011 - 22:34
Rating: 7
Nice one, but not as good as "Defying the Rules". They need to improve the songwriting a bit.
... For years I have traveled in coldness,
But my heart is warm as the darkened sun above me...
Nothing can never take away
What I've seen with these tired eyes
04.05.2011 - 04:53
Rating: 6
Unasuming Madnes
Written by RhaegarTargaryen on 22.03.2011 at 22:34

Nice one, but not as good as "Defying the Rules". They need to improve the songwriting a bit.

Completely agree. the lyrics were uninspired at best and the songs, although energetic, just didn't have anything terribly interesting to present. Although the guitars definitely show their influence of Laiho and Mustang (and the Vocals also get very Mustangy) it doesn't present anything new outside of showcasing energy and influences. The one song I felt that stuck out was "the Shelter's On Fire". Interesting usage of bass and the beginning riff was a nice hook, I still couldn't say the whole song is terribly interesting, just some interesting ideas thrown into an overall mediocre song. 6.5/10
28.06.2011 - 17:57
Rating: 8
To be honest, after the first 4 tracks I was really scared how the rest of this album would pan out. But all my fears were put to rest from Track 5 onwards. It just keeps getting better and better after that.
29.09.2016 - 14:23
Rating: 5
It sounds like the previous one, sadly without any highlights. This is a album you listen to a couple of times and then it gets shelved.

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