Nightrage - Insidious

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Release date: 26 September 2011
Style: Melodic death metal


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01. So Far Away (Intro)
02. Delirium Of The Fallen [feat. Apollo Papathanasio]
03. Insidious [feat. Tomas Lindberg]
04. Wrapped In Deceitful Dreams [feat. Gus G & Tom S. Englund]
05. Hate Turns Black
06. Sham Piety [feat. Tomas Lindberg]
07. Cloaked In Wolf Skin
08. This World Is Coming To An End [feat. Tomas Lindberg & Apollo Papathanasio]
09. Utmost Ends Of Pain
10. Poignant Memories
11. Hush Of Night
12. Poisoned Pawn
13. Solar Eclipse (Prelude) [feat. John K]
14. Solar Corona [feat. Gus G & Tom S Englund]
15. Emblem Of Light (Outro) [feat. John K]
16. Photograph [Def Leppard cover] [feat. Apollo Papathanasio] [Japanese & Digital bonus]

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24.06.2011 - 19:45
Will wait to hear it. I like this band a lot.
15.09.2011 - 00:08
Rating: 8
I love it. Much better than the last Very happy!
26.09.2011 - 15:41
I'm checking this out tonight, can't wait
06.10.2011 - 00:20
Rating: 8
Will any of the guest musicians come along on the US tour?
13.10.2011 - 20:27
Rating: 8
Coconut Racecar
Great release. they sound the same as they always have and that's more than just awesome.. considering the majority of bands lately have been trying to be something they're not. congrats Nightrage, you're doing what you do best !
15.10.2011 - 00:33
Rating: 8
True true.. Their best albums remain the first two and possibly the third.
25.01.2012 - 01:59
Rating: 5
IMHO, this is just tired and burnt out melodeath. Disappointed.
31.01.2012 - 02:09
Rating: 4
Unasuming Madnes
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? From what I've heard of earlier from this band they seemed to have nearly the bite and intensity of late At the Gates but have now divulged into what I can only favorably assume is a parody of popular melodeth/metalcore bands. Every thing is just comprised of bland hollow hooks which do absolutely nothing. I would admire on at least the production but it just makes the music more bland. They couldn't even sell out right.
04.05.2013 - 00:47
Rating: 9
Marios is an incredible in writing riffs but the solos not that good , I don't know who to blame but I guess it's Olaf's mistake ...
but ts still an awesome album
06.07.2015 - 20:41
Rating: 6
It's alright if you cut out about half of the worse songs.
The guitar is my sword, I'll fight 'til I die /../

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