Release date: 2007
Style: Alternative metal, Nu metal


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01. Intro
02. 2Войны / 2 Wars
03. X-Stream
04. Пуля / Bullet
05. 7 звонков
06. Пластика
07. Колыбельная
08. Нет
09. Здесь и теперь
10. TerrorEast
11. День закрытых дверей
12. Воронка
13. Рисунок на тему "Вечное лето"
14. Бумеранг / Boomerang [re-recorded with Nookie on vocals][bonus]
15. Хаос / Chaos [re-recorded with Nookie on vocals][bonus]
16. Amadeus [Falco cover][feat. Kirill Nemolyaev][Digipack bonus]

Lyrics (15)

Igor "Cache" Lobanov - vocals, keyboards, programming
Daria "Nookie" Stavrovich - vocals, keyboards
Sergey "ID" Bogolyubskiy - guitars, vocals, programming
Kirill "The Dude" Kachanov - drums
Mikhail "MiX" Petrov - bass

Additional info
Re-recording of the 2006 album with Nookie on vocals and bonus tracks.

Guest review by

It would hardly be fair to say that Slot reached the high point in their career with 2 Wars V.2, for two reasons. First, their career is (hopefully) nowhere near over, so such a statement would be foolishly nearsighted. Second, this implies that things went downhill for the band after this album, and it almost seems a crime to assert that their subsequent material was in any way inferior. However, if I had to choose one album to define Slot's career, it would be this one, simply because it captures the band's essence so perfectly.

published 16.06.2011 | Comments (5)

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