Emancer - The Menace Within

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Release date: 23 May 2005
Style: Black metal


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01. Enter Goddamned CNS
02. Volatile Winter
03. Claustrophobium
04. Pallid Eyes
05. Reclamation Of Merciless January
06. Bloodwhore
07. Disfigured Divinity
08. Enticing Defeat
09. Explicit Repugnance (Of Dying)

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Exactly one year ago when I came to review Invisible, the third album of the Norwegian black metal band Emancer, I praised their originality and their stunning evolution and improvement compared to a very dull second album, and also their thirst for avant-garde experiments. One year later, guess what? I could write the exact same thing about The Menace Within. All I said back then is still valid. Emancer definitely found a style they're comfortable with and should not change it for all the wealth of the world.

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