Mattson - Power Games

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1.Open The Gate
2.Victim Of Freedom
3.Blind Faith
4.Chained To My Pain
5.Bridge To The Past
6.Safely Through The Past
7.Beyond The Horizon (Guitar Concerto no 1)
8.Lead Me On My Way

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So, who is Lars Eric Mattsson? Because until I received this CD I was completely clueless of his existence, maybe because in the past years I was submerged in the Gothic and Death Metal genre? In my stay in the darker side of Heavy Metal, anything new happened here in the lighter side? Well, apparently, yes.

To answer my own question, Lars Eric Mattsson has been the guitarist for bands such as Condition Red, Vision and Astral Groove, and still his name doesn't ring a bell to me. Until now, that I have in my hands his new creation, Power Games.

published 02.10.2003 | Comments (0)

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