All Else Fails - The Oracle: What Was, Is And Could Have Been

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Release date: 19 August 2011
Style: Rock

01. Overture
02. This World In Flames
03. The Twilight Of Mankind
04. Fallen
05. The House At The End Of The World
06. Monster Eats The Pilot
07. The Oracle
08. Rebirth
09. Sludge Factory
10. Obsidian Walls
11. This World In Flames [acoustic version]
12. Robots KOLTG

Staff review by
Doc G.
Damn, I pretty much had an entire review written up based off the first couple of tracks. For those of you not present to hear my ever-so-witty monologues muttered to myself in front of the keyboard, I was basically going off on how this band frequently sounds like some whack-ass As I Lay Dying clone...

...Then some good things happened in the music and my review got ruined. There goes 3 dozen perfectly good jokes that could have been applied to a name like "All Else Fails".

published 19.08.2011 | Comments (3)

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