Life Or Death - Abomination

Release date: 2011
Style: Hardcore

01. Spirit Of Pain
02. Hammer To Teeth
03. Backslasher
04. Skeptic
05. Saint Satan
06. Sixes
07. Humanity's Demise
08. Assassins
09. Dwelling Lies
10. Abolitionist
11. Human Threshold
12. Allegory Of The Slave
13. Withered And Beat

Guest review by
Shining in a scene where the likes of Heaven Shall Burn, All Shall Perish, Caliban and Unearth are held as the pioneers of the genre, wouldn't, in my humble opinion, be as grueling as getting blood out of a stone. I'm talking about metalcore, the devil's acre, the genre that saw thousands of bands crash against its cursed gates, wither like autumn's wheat through lack of innovation and disappear into the billows of oblivion; sightless, scorned and left for Lethe to feast on.

published 23.08.2011 | Comments (2)

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