:wumpscut: - Bunkertor 7 (Bunker Gate Seven)

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Release date: 1 September 1995
Style: Electro


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01. Open Gate
02. Torn Skin
03. Capital Punishment
04. Die In Winter
05. Bunker Gate Seven
06. Thorns
07. Mortal Highway
08. Bunker Gate Seven (Reprise)
09. Dying Culture
10. Corroded Breed
11. Tell Me Why
12. Close Gate

Staff review by
First of all, let me explain why I am reviewing this definitely non-metal release on a metal website. The reason is simple - this album is much heavier and more aggressive than most metal is. Even though it has almost no guitars in it, it is still one of the most abrasive recordings I have ever heard. I think its good to remain open-minded and check out alternative styles every now and again, and I'd like to provide such an opportunity for MetalStorm members by writing this review.

published 28.01.2004 | Comments (1)

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