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Concept - Reason And Truth

Release date: 2003
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Elegy Of Truth
02. The (Soul Time) Version
03. The Answer II
04. Living A Lie
05. Power after Power
06. Death Of Reason
07. Spes III (Paradoxical)
08. Alone (The Conversion)
09. Conceptsymphony (The Dialogue)
10. Sweet Dreams

Staff review by
Yet another Power Metal release from Italy. What an horrible way to start a review right? But doing that, I'm doing a big favor to a lot of readers, who are sick and tired of Italian Power Metal, so they'll just pass onto the next review.

But for all of you that are still reading these lines, let me tell you that "Reason And Truth" is no ordinary release, first, a lot of Progressive elements are present, so I may classify it as Power-Progressive Metal as well; second, just look at the cover art, is beautiful isn't it? And third, the whole idea of the album is pretty intelligent, as the band name hints you, this is a concept album that describes the experiences of an individual who's looking for himself: The actor meets many parts of himself, but he does not recognize them and denies to be what he sees. At the end, the actor realizes that he made a mistake by looking for himself and decides to seek his real "Ego" in other persons who make up the being-in-the-world. The alternation of Progressive parts and Power ones expresses the mutability of human perspective whose combination gives the complex nature of human being. I know is really complicated at first but the once you read the lyrics, which are separated by characters, you'll understand the whole idea better.

published 25.03.2004 | Comments (0)

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