Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force

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Release date: 1984
Style: Neoclassical power metal


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01. Black Star
02. Far Beyond The Sun
03. Now Your Ships Are Burned
04. Evil Eye
05. Icarus' Dream Suite Op:4
06. As Above, So Below
07. Little Savage
08. Farewell

Top 20 albums of 1984: 12

Yngwie Malmsteen - guitars, bass
Barriemore Barlow - drums
Jens Johansson - keyboards
Jeff Scott Soto - vocals

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Joey Jo Jo
In the early years of metal, while it was still rooted in Blues/Hard-rock, there were many influential guitarists such as Jimmy Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Glenn Tipton, etc. These guys are credited for shaping the metal scene throughout all its years and formations, but nothing could prepare the music-listening world for Malmsteen. At first Yngwie never really took to guitar or any other musical instrument. It wasn't until the age of 7, when his musical idol Jimmy Hendrix died, that he realized he wanted to play guitar. Now his style was really something to behold, a mix of the flamboyant playing of his idols with classical which he had learned through his sister. Throughout the years he played with many bands from school, perfected his craft, joined Alcatrazz and really made a name for himself and his unique style. After all this, he had realized that he could reach his vision only by doing it on his own, going solo.

published 29.07.2005 | Comments (4)

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05.03.2012 - 21:00
Rating: 10

A masterpiece through the ages. The great, the unique, the invincible, the eternal.
Don't cry for my English
01.06.2012 - 02:32
Rating: 10

It transports us into a magical musical world, or malmsteen alone knows the secret.
A pure jewelry !
23.12.2012 - 14:22

15.10.2014 - 15:30
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From a technical standpoint this is the perfect guitar work I've ever encountered so far in metal. It is just mind blowing.
05.01.2019 - 21:46
Rating: 5
Jope of Steele

In some way I can see the appeal in this kind of music, but this particular album's music just doesn't cut it for me. I heard this album the first time many years ago and I was asking - and still am- that what is the point? To showcase some technical mastery and neglect other aspects in songwriting? Well, appreciate it if you can, me I can only find some meaning in 'Now Your Ships Are Burned' and 'As Above, So Below' because it seems the songs with added vocals had a needed positive effect. A wise man (Lao Tzu) once said: "The great way is easy, yet people prefer the side paths." To me it appears that Yngwie is a side path man...

My slant - a Freudian style explanation, if you will - is that Yngster displaced his dingus with a guitar, and consequently, instead of choking his chicken, an innocent Fender StratoCaster was the object of wankery
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