IXXI - Assorted Armament

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Release date: 22 December 2007
Style: Black metal


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01. Intro
02. Armageddon Nobility
03. The Oath
04. That We May Kill The Mocking World
05. In The Name Of Nothing
06. Assorted Armament
07. An Epoch Most Cursed
08. Hails And Nails
09. Hate All
10. Imperial Requiem
11. Praise On The Iron Mountain

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When I listen to black metal, I tend to group it into categories based on the second-wave forerunners. You have the blackened thrash of Immortal, the ambient drone of Burzum, the progressive Enslaved, and the more rock-oriented Mayhem. I would place IXXI's Assorted Armament in the latter. While it is not exactly the black 'n roll of later Satyricon and the like, there is plenty of head-bobbing verse-chorus-verse to warrant the comparison.

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