Coal Chamber - Dark Days

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Release date: 7 May 2002
Style: Nu metal


90 have it
2 want it
2 trade it

01. Fiend
02. Glow
03. Watershed
04. Something Told Me
05. Dark Days
06. Alienate Me
07. One Step
08. Friend?
09. Rowboat
10. Drove
11. Empty Jar
12. Beckoned

Staff review by
First of all, if you clicked on this review just to post a comment about how stupid this band is or just to say "The reviewer must be a fag", please just stop reading and leave.

Now I'll explain why I'm doing a Nu-Metal review - I've been trying to expand my Metal knowledge, I already covered Gore, Death, Black, Progressive, Thrash, Grindcore, Power, Gothic, Gothenburg, Avant-Garde, Drone, and even Hardcore and Metalcore. So there was one genre I was afraid of hearing, and that was Nu-Metal, so I asked many metal-heads and they recommended me Coal Chamber and Mudvayne, I picked up Coal Chamber first so, here I am writing a review.

published 01.10.2005 | Comments (10)

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