Behind The Scenery - Rétroviseur

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Release date: December 2004
Style: Gothenburg metal, Progressive metal


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01. Rétroviseur
02. Me And The Sun
03. Journey
04. Silence Within
05. No Second Silence
06. De-Revelation
07. Human 2.0
08. Response To Solitude
09. Élévation
10. Fassadenspiel
11. The Architect
12. Late Night

Staff review by
Finally there is at least one Gothenburg metal band on this planet that is not happy with merely ripping off older bands. This is actually one of the very first times I see a band in this genre that shows a bit of identity and creativity. Ok, I admit that given the number of bands that play this genre it's not easy to sound original, but too many bands seem satisfied with repeating the same overused song patterns over and over again.

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