Lust Of Decay - Purity Through Dismemberment

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Release date: 2006
Style: Brutal death metal


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01. Exchanging Perversities
02. Scarification
03. Intolerable Cruelty
04. Licking Bacterial Ecstacy
05. When Anesthesia Fails
06. Embryonic Breeding For Cannabalistic Devourment
07. Raging Swarm
08. Ejaculate To Exterminate
09. Purity Through Dismemberment

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This has to be one of the most unoriginal albums I've heard in a while; damn Comatose Music keeps on releasing bad stuff indeed, kind of obvious being Steve Green the head of this label, and if his own band sucks this bad I really doubt the bands he signs would be any better right? (Though Domination Through Impurity is HALF decent and half very bad). Anyway, the last time I heard Lust Of Decay was in 2004 with their Kingdom Of Corpses album, it sucked a little bit, even Teufel (from Teufel's Tomb) bashed that album with a big argument unoriginality, and damn he was right; still I wanted to give their new release a chance and got it from the internet…damn I feel stupid and kind of raped in some levels.

published 03.03.2006 | Comments (2)

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