Nehëmah - Tomb Of Thoughts 1992-2004 [Boxset]

Release date: March 2012
Style: Black metal

Disc I [Light Of A Dead Star]
01. The Witch Burns...
02. Light Of A Dead Star
03. Across The Landscape
04. In October Nightshades
05. Nehëmah In Vulva Infernum
06. I Will Sleep With The Dragon
07. Misty Swamps
08. ...In The Heat Of The Flames

09. Shadows From The Past
10. Black Winds Over The Walls Of Cseithe
11. Sonner Av Den Fimbulvetr
12. The Thousand Tongues Of Medusa
13. Warlock
14. Siguilum Sanctum Lycantropia
15. Shadows From The Past...
16. Selvmord
17. Drawn In Darkness
18. Call From The Grave [Bathory cover]

19. Requiem Tenebrae
20. Creeping Chaos
21. The Great Old Ones
22. Dead But Dreaming In The Eternal Key Waste
23. The Elder Gods Awakening
24. In The Mists Of Orion's Sword
25. Taken Away By The Torn Black Shroud
26. Conscience In Evil
27. Through The Dark Nebula

Disc II [Black Mass]
Disc III [Rehearsal / Feigd]

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