Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free

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Release date: 25 August 1995
Style: Power metal


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01. Rebellion In Dreamland
02. Man On A Mission
03. Fairytale
04. All Of The Damned
05. Rising Of The Damned
06. Gods Of Deliverance
07. Farewell
08. Salvation's Calling
09. Land Of The Free
10. The Saviour
11. Abyss Of The Void
12. Time To Break Free
13. Afterlife
14. Heavy Metal Mania [Holocaust cover] [2002 Digipack bonus]
15. As Time Goes By [Pre-production version] [2002 Digipack bonus]
16. The Silence '95 [2002 Digipack bonus]

Top 20 albums of 1995: 8
Top 200 albums of all time: 88

Kai Hansen - vocals, guitars
Dirk Schlächter - guitars
Jan Rubach - bass
Thomas Nack - drums

Additional info
Produced by Kai Hansen & Dirk Schlächter.
Recorded & mixed at Hansen Studio, Hamburg.
Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind (except tracks 4,7,9 - mixed by Hansen & Schlächter).
Cover by Kristian Huitula.
Artwork by Kirsti Löding, Maren Kumpe.

Guest review by
Fierce Deity
"Land of the Free" is the first Gamma Ray album without Scheepers on lead vocals. From now on Kai Hansen takes his place, so we can say good bye to old Gamma Ray and welcome to the new.

The album could not begin in a better way: "Rebellion In Dreamland" is one of Gamma Ray's best songs for sure; for a long time it was my favourite. It's a song in which you can find good drums, a great solo and beautiful epic parts. "Men on a Mission" is a fast song, good old power metal. "All of the Damned" has a nice catchy chorus and so has track 11 "Abyss of The Void." Track 7, "Farewell," is a good ballad. Here we have the first guest on the album, and what a guest it is! Hansi Kürsch, Blind Guardian's front man, contributes his voice in this song which makes it much better. "Salvation's Calling" is another fast song, but there's nothing too special in this one. The next song, "Land of the Free," has it all. It has fast and slow parts, a nice chorus and good guitar leads which makes it one of the best on the album. The second guest appears on track 12, "Time to Break Free;" again I could say "what a guest it is." Michael Kiske sings the whole song, and does it so good that the song becomes another highlight.

published 20.06.2005 | Comments (10)

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30.11.2010 - 19:44
Rating: 10
Metal slave
Prolly their only GREAT album, fer mey
30.11.2010 - 22:28
Rating: 10
Angelic Storm
Written by JÄY on 30.11.2010 at 19:44

Prolly their only GREAT album, fer mey

I actually think "Somewhere Out In Space" is their greatest album. lol Although Id definitely consider "Land Of The Free" a classic as well. xD
30.11.2010 - 23:28
Holy Man
Gamma Ray is one of those bands I kinda took for granted for a long time... and once I started listening a little more, I was totally hooked, and this album is definitely among my favorites.
24.06.2011 - 13:30
Rating: 10
Metal slave
At this point in my listening habits, Land of the Free is the only GR album I can really enjoy all the way through
04.11.2011 - 15:43
Rating: 8
Mountain King
K i K o
Not their best album but has their best song "Rebellion In Dreamland"...
02.02.2012 - 22:52
Rating: 9
My first Gamma Ray album, and I'm glad it is, because i now have a good first impression of the band. I shall check out their other albums and compare, but i believe this was is indeed a fan-favourite.
16.06.2014 - 05:41
Rating: 10
If weren't by Somewhere Out In Space I would say this is their best one
31.10.2014 - 12:39
Rating: 8
That's the first album of theirs i've listened to and i am not as imperssed as i'd like... All of the Damned is an awesome song though..
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
04.11.2015 - 18:02
Rating: 7
Jope of Steele
Ok album I guess, feels like it has many fillers.
The Plannedemic by Hibbeler Productions:
19.03.2017 - 01:18
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
While Helloween was struggling in 90's this band kept legacy alive, even its not their best and somehow nothing about perfect but better as weird 3 90's helloween albums
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
01.08.2018 - 23:19
Rating: 5
Good but overrated
08.06.2019 - 00:16
Rating: 7
Jope of Steele
Listening again and the initial thoughts is that Kai's vocals seem like an improvement on Ralph's.
The Plannedemic by Hibbeler Productions:
08.06.2019 - 00:44
Rating: 7
Jope of Steele
Holy scheiße, this "Farewell" is such a sad ass song and the lyrics are in so many ways relatable. Did I write this song?
The Plannedemic by Hibbeler Productions:

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