Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II

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Release date: 1988
Style: Power metal


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Disc I
01. Invitation
02. Eagle Fly Free
03. You Always Walk Alone
04. Rise And Fall
05. Dr. Stein
06. We Got The Right
07. March Of Time
08. I Want Out
09. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
10. Save Us

Disc II [2006 expanded edition]
01. Savage
02. Livin Ain't No Crime
03. Don't Run For Cover
04. Dr. Stein [2002 remix version]
05. Keeper Of The Seven Keys [2002 remix version]

Top 20 albums of 1988: 3
Top 200 albums of all time: 34

Michael Kiske - vocals
Michael Weikath - guitars, keyboards
Kai Hansen - guitars
Ingo Schwichtenberg - drums
Markus Grosskopf - bass

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So after the worldwide success of Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I in 1987, Part II was released the following year, and the combination of the two (the band's first wish was to release a double album) gave the band its legend status.

On this album you'll find some of the most known songs of the band, such as Eagle Fly Free, Dr Stein, I want out, and of course Keeper Of The Seven Keys. But all the other tracks are good and have some interest, with great riffs & solos, as well as catchy choruses to sing along. Try March Of Time for example, there's actually no musical reason for such a track to be less famous than I Want Out, it's just that the latter was made a single for the album, like Dr Stein. Oh yeah, there are some funny stuff too, like in Rise And Fall.

published 01.12.2003 | Comments (21)

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28.01.2010 - 00:57
Rating: 10
Metal slave
I know this album's not as consistant as Keeper pt. 1, but I enjoy it more....for one, its longer...but it also has more stand-outs, for me
02.09.2010 - 23:47
Account deleted
This album is very enjoyable.
03.09.2010 - 03:10
Rating: 10
Angelic Storm
The Keeper albums are both classics, but Keeper 1 is too short for me. People go on about Kai's songwriting so much, but in songs like "Eagle Fly Free", and the title track, Weiki proved he had the songwriting chops too. Also the awesome "How Many Tears" from Walls Of Jericho was written by him too. This is a great companion piece to the first album, and I can definitely see why the band wanted the Keeper Of The 7 Keys to be a double album. They sound so disjointed being 2 seperate albums, especially with the first being so much shorter than the second. But anyways, Keeper part 2 is a great album in it's own right, and so many of Helloween's classics came from it. And there's a few underrated gems on it too. xD
04.09.2010 - 16:20
This album has a few good songs but I prefer by far Keepers part 1.
Problem I have with Keepers part 2 is it started to be flowery to a certain extent. Also, strangely, I like vocals on part 1 but they tend to make me cringe on part 2. Probably because the mixing is kinda more muddy and raw on part 1.
I think part 1 really feels more like melodic Speed Metal, while part 2 starts to feel closer to what we know today as Powermetal.

Part1 is not devoid of weak songs ("A Little Time" and "A Tale That Wasn't Right") but I can listen to it from start to end, something I can't do with part 2 because I'll get bored before the end.

But I must admit it's hard for me to listen to any metal slower and softer than early Blind Guardian without finding it too soft or weak nowadays. My tastes are simply too focused on speed, rawness, aggression, etc even if I like my metal to be melodic to a certain extent. So stuff like the Keepers pales in comparison.
And I started to grow an aversion for PM high-pitched vocals around the millenia that only got worse and worse so sometimes even if music could be right for me, the vocals are a total turn off.
They shake your hand and they smile and they buy you a drink
They say we'll be your friends we'll stick with you till the end
But everybody's only looking out for themselves
And you say who can you trust I'll tell you nobody
13.04.2011 - 10:14
Music: 9
Vocals: 10
Lyrics: 9
Melody: 10
Production: 9
Originality: 9
CD Cover: 10

My top 5:
1. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
2. Dr. Stein
3. I Want Out
4. We Got The Right
5. Eagle Fly Free

Great album and beautiful voice from Kiske
Open your eyes
15.05.2011 - 12:48
Rating: 9
Kiske's singing is amazing. his vocals in the last minute of "i want out" are just awesome...
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
20.05.2011 - 01:38
Rating: 10
This is one of the best power albums I've heard! No doubt Helloween is legendary... Everything is great, the riffs, the drums, Kiske's unbelievable voice blows me fucking away... The awesome and sometimes funny lyrics, the cheerful melodies, everything... My top ones are Eagle Fly Free, March of Time, I Want Out, Keeper of the Seven Keys, and Save Us...

Perfect album I just wished the band went back to this line-up... I just don't like Helloween without Hansen and Kiske...
11.10.2011 - 21:27
It is amazing.
08.11.2011 - 21:54
Account deleted
Personally, I perfer Part I, but this is a damn good album.
01.03.2012 - 21:59
A good successor for the pt 1. Awesome!
Don't cry for my English
16.05.2012 - 15:58
Rating: 10
I was listening to this band for ages... and all i can conclude is that i so fuckin' miss the Keeper's era. It's just divine, unique and the best what they ever did. Sure I've got later favorites too...but the best always comes to close sooner or later
07.09.2012 - 10:02
Rating: 9
Thrash Talker
Another Masterpiece made by the best power metal band. Dr. Stein is so priceless ''His assistant's hips were nice so he cloned her once or twice, now his hips are aching what a deal'' ... nice
- I love my technical, melodic, my thrash, agressive and fast paced, my sludge, well thought, my heavy, heavier and my metal, ever-growing -
28.12.2012 - 01:47
Account deleted
Helloweens masterpiece! Both parts are great, but part 2 just does it to me!
10.03.2013 - 09:50
I loved Part 1, but I could never get into Part 2 for whatever reason.
11.03.2013 - 20:08
Rating: 8
It's a good album, but just barely. The second half saves it.

Weikath's dominance (and his "humour") is the big problem here; "Rise and Fall" and "Dr. Stein" are cringeworthy, and the otherwise fine opener "Eagle Fly Free" suffers from lyrics that are almost as bad. Kiske's contributions are both pretty good.

The second side is much better. Thankfully Hansen woke up from his deep slumber, because his 3 songs are the best on the album. The title track is another highlight, but it's... a mess, quite frankly. It has plenty of good sections and strong moments, but in comparison to "Halloween" (which had flow and momentum) "Keeper" feels constructed and pieced together.

Hansen leaving is the reason why I haven't listened to more of Helloween's albums. I'll probably get around to it, but more Weikath sounds a bit risky...
15.05.2013 - 23:18
The Best Album of Power Metal ever!!
05.08.2013 - 23:08
Rating: 10
I'm honest with you folks.

That's the best album I ever heard.

26.10.2013 - 20:10
Rating: 8
And another thing: the production, the sound and Kiske's singing are all superior on Part I.
26.10.2013 - 20:55
Written by Azarath on 26.10.2013 at 20:10

And another thing: the production, the sound and Kiske's singing are all superior on Part I.

"Why would we fear death, when life is so much more frightening?"
11.02.2015 - 00:37
Dead Eternity
Account deleted
Inconsistent, but still has its moments of brilliance. March Of Time's chorus is soo catchy, easily my favorite song with Kiske. Dr. Stein, Eagle Fly Free and I Want Out are very memorable too, and the title-track is really epic, both musically and lyrically.

However, there are times that I find Kiske's high-pitched singing to be quite off-putting. I only listen to the Keeper albums when I'm the mood.
22.10.2015 - 01:23
Rating: 8
Surely a good album, but doesn't appeal as much as the pt 1.
You Think It Is My Chastity Belt But They Are My True Metal Underpants
06.11.2015 - 14:23
Account deleted
Good album but the A-side is a dissapointment with Kiske writing half of the songs and the laughable Dr Stein. B side is much better, but not as good as the ep and WoJ.
07.11.2015 - 13:15
Rating: 9
M C Vice
Written by Guest on 06.11.2015 at 14:23

Good album but the A-side is a dissapointment with Kiske writing half of the songs and the laughable Dr Stein. B side is much better, but not as good as the ep and WoJ.

Aww, c'mon. Dr Stein's a great song.
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09.11.2015 - 14:57
Account deleted
Written by M C Vice on 07.11.2015 at 13:15

Written by Guest on 06.11.2015 at 14:23

Good album but the A-side is a dissapointment with Kiske writing half of the songs and the laughable Dr Stein. B side is much better, but not as good as the ep and WoJ.

Aww, c'mon. Dr Stein's a great song.

Hard to say which one is more laughable Dr Stein or Rise and Fall. Humor as lyrics in heavy metal is a bad combination. It was much better when the lyrics was about satan
13.07.2016 - 19:09
Rating: 8
Helloween's first albums are pretty much only Power Metal albums for me. Really can't understand who even is listening new Power Metal records if every fuckin album is a copy of this.
"Soon its tail raises the mud
The beast is ready for attack
The reel screams the line beings to run
And the struggle shall begin"
29.10.2016 - 20:29
Bad English
Its super downfall after I and actually now I know why Kai wanted out, only strong song is I want out
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
01.12.2016 - 22:44
Rating: 10
Mountain King
K i K o
Written by Bad English on 29.10.2016 at 20:29

Its super downfall after I and actually now I know why Kai wanted out, only strong song is I want out

Yea right, that's why most famous and important metal bands cite this as a favorite and a huge influence...
27.06.2017 - 20:18
Rating: 9
Weighing the (many) pros and (very few) cons, I honestly still prefer Part 2 of Keeper of the Seven Keys to its predecessor. It's been that way for quite a few years now, but it's literally a marginal difference. Part 2 for me seems a little more confident in its delivery however, as if Part 1 was the work of a band progressing to a certain direction (despite mostly succeeding with it and releasing some of the best songs in the band's career). Part 2 has no weak songs at all-even "Invitation", as an intro, is somewhat satisfying, and the least great tune of this album is "Save Me" in my opinion, which happens to be a bonus track. Clearly the main highlight for me is the title track, but "Eagle Fly Free", "You Always Walk Alone" and "Rise and Fall" are other absolute classics from a practically classic album.
12.03.2018 - 16:56
Account deleted
I'm so sorry, but I wish I could give more than 10/10 to this album, but unfortunately I can't.

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