Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches

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Release date: 10 July 2015
Style: Extreme gothic metal, Symphonic metal


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01. Walpurgis Eve
02. Yours Immortally...
03. Enshrined In Crematoria
04. Deflowering The Maidenhead, Displeasuring The Goddess
05. Blackest Magick In Practice
06. The Monstrous Sabbat (Summoning The Coven)
07. Hammer Of The Witches
08. Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych
09. The Vampyre At My Side
10. Onward Christian Soldiers
11. Blooding The Hounds Of Hell
12. King Of The Woods [bonus]
13. Misericord [bonus]

Dani Filth - vocals
Lindsay Schoolcraft - keyboards, backing vocals
Ashok - guitars
Richard Shaw - guitars
Marthus - drums
Daniel Firth - bass

Staff review by
It must be tough to be Dani Filth right now. The voice of your early career has left you and the one thing you can still properly sing is some gentle gothic metal as last seen on the Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder album. However, for this kind of music your chief songwriter has just left you. The departure of Paul Allender was both sad and promising. He is a great guitarist, yet most fans can agree that the band was in bloom at the times he wasn't around. That is why I personally had some hopes. But as it often turns out in the end, he should not have left.

published 26.06.2015 | Comments (53)

Guest review by
There are two ways that metal bands tend to choose to (not) stay relevant throughout their careers: The Opethian Way or the Amon Amarthian Way. The former consists of changing your musical direction aggressively, which is a lot riskier and can sometimes alienate a lot of old school fans (ex: Opeth or In Flames), but on the other hand it can provide a much-needed second wind (ex: Paradise Lost or Machine Head). The latter consists of staying true to your winning formula and changing nothing or very little from album to album, which may or may not keep your old school fans interested. For me, Amon Amarth are the band that best represents this formula, and I have lost interest in their most recent albums, as it's just more of the same.

published 17.09.2015 | Comments (6)

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01.08.2015 - 20:07
Rating: 8
In Bone Factory
This one is really good
a hammerhead goobrian
26.09.2015 - 00:48
Rating: 8
How similar is this album to what they've done recently? I'd never really delved into CoF as the only album of theirs I know at all well is Dusk and her Embrace, which was fine but didn't send me crazy, and the only songs I'd heard recently were the lame gothic ones like the Nymph one, so had kinda written them off as something not worth bothering with. However, there's some seriously fine stuff on this, particularly in the first half - some really catchy riffs, and attention-grabbing instrumental interplay
08.04.2016 - 17:16
I am not a CoF fan but this one is really unexpectedly solid one.
09.05.2016 - 14:59
Rating: 9
I've never been a big fan of CoF, never listen too much to their other albums, so I cannot say this album is better or worst then the others. But Hammer of The Witches is really good one. If album is good I like to come back to it after few weeks and again and again. And something like that happens to me in case of Hammer of... So after few months I still like to listen to it = it's a good one I still hesitate what note to give to this production: 8 or 9? There is many good tracks with tempo change from very slow and hard to crazy blasts, catchy riffs and wonderful vocal parts (I really like moments with high vocal screaming) . All served in good symphonic sauce. And Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych is kind of masterpiece - the song you will like to listen years after.
Don't look for solution - look for EXIT!
18.02.2017 - 00:23
Rating: 9
Their best since Midian!

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