Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

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Release date: 12 May 1992
Style: Heavy metal


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Disc I
01. Be Quick Or Be Dead
02. From Here To Eternity
03. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
04. Fear Is The Key
05. Childhood's End
06. Wasting Love
07. The Fugitive
08. Chains Of Misery
09. The Apparition
10. Judas Be My Guide
11. Weekend Warrior
12. Fear Of The Dark

Disc II [1995 reissue bonus]
01. Nodding Donkey Blues
02. Space Station No. 5 [Montrose cover]
03. I Can't See My Feelings [Budgie cover]
04. Roll Over Vic Vella
05. No Prayer For The Dying [live]
06. Public Enema Number One [live]
07. Hooks In You [live]

Paul Bruce Dickinson - vocals
Janick Robert Gers - guitars
David Michael "Dave" Murray - guitars
Michael Henry McBrain - drums
Stephen Percy Harris - bass

Guest musicians
Michael Kenney - keyboards

Additional info
Produced & mixing by Martin Birch & Steve Harris.
Engineering by Martin Birch & Mike McKenna.
Cover art & photography by Melvyn Grant, George Chin, Phil Anstice & Hugh Gilmour.

"Space Station No. 5" contains a hidden track entitled "Bayswater Ain't A Bad Place To Be" - previously available as a hidden track on the UK single of "Be Quick Or Be Dead".

Guest review by
Damn! How do you rate an album like this? 'Fear Of The Dark' must be one of the most uneven albums released, and for sure the most uneven Iron Maiden album. There are really two sides of this album, and before I can even talk about the rating I have to evaluate them.

First of all we have the good side. And it's a really good side. There are some tracks on 'Fear Of The Dark' which are just brilliant and deserve very high ratings. They are not only good, but also show that the band has developed, they have very well written lyrics and incredible solos - 'From Here To Eternity' contains my favourite Maiden solo ever. Other tracks that belong to this side are of course the title track, 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers' and 'Wasting Love', plus some other unknown tracks like 'Chains of Misery' and 'Judas Be My Guide' which I like a lot.

published 28.07.2008 | Comments (36)

Guest review by
omne metallum
An album with a maligned reputation that has tarred some of the best songs the band ever produced with the same brush, Fear Of The Dark is more than just the title track; those who have written the album off as such are missing out in a big way. The album does have its flaws, but they are more than made up for in what it does right. If you are still sceptical then pause here and go listen to "Judas Be My Guide" right now Do you see what I mean having given just one song a go?

published 15.04.2020 | Comments (2)

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12.06.2017 - 00:35
Account deleted
The title track is the only thing that stands out on this record, and even that song isn't that great.
21.09.2017 - 15:00
Rating: 5
How can a great band miss the mark so bad. There are good tracks here, Be Quick or be Dead, Afraid to Shoot Strangers and the title track stand out. I also appreciate Childhood's End and Judas be my Guide to some degree. The rest pretty much sucks. Weekend Warrior, The Apparition and Chains of Misery are fighting for the title of worst Maiden song ever in my opinion. And Dickinson? He sound horrible on this one, good thing he quit! The rest of the band disappoint as well
06.09.2018 - 14:18
Rating: 5
Jope of Steele
I can listen to exactly half of the album's songs: 'Be Quick Or Be Dead', 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers', 'Childhood's 'End', 'Wasting Love', 'Judas Be My Guide' and 'Fear Of The Dark'. What to do with rest of them, then? 1-way-ticket to Skiptown
26.07.2019 - 18:59
Rating: 8
Seba Raven Rock
Totally impossible to describe what I fell when I hear to this my opinion, the true Iron maiden masterpiece.fear of the dark forever

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