Allegaeon - Proponent For Sentience

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Release date: 23 September 2016
Style: Technical death metal, Melodic death metal


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01. Proponent For Sentience I - The Conception
02. All Hail Science
03. From Nothing
04. Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex Machinea
05. Of Mind And Matrix
06. Proponent For Sentience II - The Algorithm
07. Demons Of An Intricate Design
08. Terrathaw And The Quake
09. Cognitive Computations
10. The Arbiters
11. Proponent For Sentience III - The Extermination
12. Subdivisions [Rush cover]

Top 20 albums of 2016: 7

Riley McShane - vocals
Greg Burgess - guitars
Michael Stancel - guitars
Brandon Park - drums
Corey Archuleta - bass

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25.09.2016 - 21:25
Rating: 8
Damn fvck, this acoustic and flamenco vibes got me.
27.09.2016 - 00:19
Rating: 9
Great stuff as usual. The final proponent track is just excellent. The Rush cover is also great and fits pretty well to wrap up the album.
27.09.2016 - 15:38
Rating: 7
Definitely one of the most ambitious albums of the year, that's for sure. Then again, with the other two Allegaeon albums I've heard, I don't think calling this latest effort "ambitious" is much of a surprise. I am however surprised at the level of accessibility there is here, there's certainly a lot more catchiness in a lot of the songs here-more so than on the previous album. That said, I found the second half of "Proponent for Sentience" a lot more enjoyable than the first. The first was good, but it was fairly forgettable after a while and hard to separate one song from the other. With the second half is where the album's real highlights come around-that is the second part of the title track, 'The Algorithm', "Cognitive Computations" and "The Arbiters". Solo work is also pretty solid here, despite at times seeming repetitive.
28.09.2016 - 21:01
Rating: 8
Wow this is a great album. Damn. The Rush cover is damn good, too.
22.10.2016 - 11:49
Rating: 10
The more i listen to this the more im hooked. the album is perfectly balanced and there is something special with every track.
17.12.2016 - 19:37
Rating: 9
For whatever reasons this one hit me just right. It's exactly what I want at the times I wanted it and then it mixes it up enough to keep it really interesting. The technical chops are fucking absurd.
02.01.2017 - 04:22
Rating: 9
AOTY for me
13.01.2017 - 21:02
Rating: 9
Didn't knew the band, It really blew me away! Great technical death metal, not as messy as many bands of this genre. You can hear every layer of sound clearly here. Very well produced.

Best of 2016 imo
19.05.2017 - 18:03
Rating: 9
My first Allegaeon album. Completely overwhelmed.
23.12.2018 - 13:14
Rating: 6
Pagan Angel
I keep wanting to come back and like this album more as a fan of the first 3, but I can't. Needs a trim. Still looking forward to what they can do next and happy with where my Patreon money is going.

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