Autumn Nostrum

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Country: Germany
Links: Official site

Formed in: 1994
Disbanded in: 2000

1994-2000 Death metal


1994-2000  Lars Wehner - drums
1994-2000  Christoph Breddin - bass
1994-2000  Sönke Thormählen - guitars
1995-2000  Marcus Riewaldt - guitars
1998-2000  Tommy Sonnenburg - vocals
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1995-1998  Tobias Saalfeld - vocals, keyboards
1995-1999  Philip Jocks - vocals, keyboards
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Latest reviews

You might wonder why I review something so old and infamous, so I'll tell you.
I came over this Self-Financed debut work of Autumn Nostrum on a smaller Swedish mail-order company, and after just one spin I knew that this would spin again and again....   Review by Malcolm ››


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