Vicious Art

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Country: Sweden
Label: Mighty Music

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Formed in: 2002
Disbanded in: 2011

2002-2011 Death metal
2002-2011 Thrash metal


2002-2004  Matti Mäkelä - bass, guitars
› 2004-2011  -//- guitars
2002-2011  Robert Lundin - drums
2002-2011  Tobias Sillman - guitars
2002-2011  Jocke Widfeldt - vocals
2004-2011  Jörgen Sandström - bass, backing vocals
2003  Magnus "Masse" Broberg - backing vocals

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It's kind of impressive how a bunch of ex-members can get together and record a really tight and perfectly brutal Death Metal album.
How strange it might sounds, That is the case with Vicious Art, because here you'll find Matti Mäkelä...   Review by Malcolm ››

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