Internal Suffering

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Country: Colombia
Label: Unique Leader Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1994
Hiatus: 2007-2011

1994- Death metal


1994-  Andrés Garcia - bass, backing vocals
1997-  Fabio Marin - vocals
1997-1999  Fabio Ramirez - drums
› 2003-  -//-
2006-  Andres Usma - guitars
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1994-1996  Victor Hugo - guitars
1994-1997  Fabián Andrés - bass, vocals
1994-1997  Jorge Eduardo - drums
1994-2004  Leandro "Chacho" Quiza - guitars
1997-1998  Edwin - drums
› 1999-2003  -//-
2004-2006  Makoto Mizoguchi - guitars
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Latest reviews

No matter what anybody thinks, this album really fucking rocks, Choronzonic Force Domination sounds like a bunch of Lovecraftian monsters doing Brutal Death Metal in a catchy way. You all have to know that this CD was created for metalheads into brutal...   Review by Herzebeth ››
Internal Suffering, yes that's what I have right now, I suffer internally while listening when this quartet slaughters their poor instruments, I really pity them… the instruments of course.
Anyway, I know that South America is a poor continent and...   Review by Malcolm ››


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