Evidence One

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Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records

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Formed in: 2001
Hiatus: 2011-

2001- Melodic hard rock


2001-  Carsten Schulz - vocals
2002-  Rami Ali - drums
2002-  Thomas "Hutch" Bauer - bass
2007-  Barish Kepic - guitar
2008-  Connie Andreszka - guitar
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2001-2002  Roger Tanner - drums
2001-2006  Robert "Robby" Böbel - keyboards, guitar
2002-2008  Wolfgang "Schimmi" Schimmer - guitar
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2006  Joerg "Warthy" Wartmann - guitar
2007  Bernd Herrmann - drums

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Evidence One is not a newcomer but their 3rd album, released on the label AFM Records will probably be a way to conquer the European market. They play Power Metal, like a lot of other bands nowadays but they knew how to add a some little touches of Hard...   Review by Jeff ››


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