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Visceral Bleeding

26 fans
Country: Sweden
Label: Neurotic Records

Links: Myspace

Formed in: 1999

1999- Brutal death metal


2002-  Tobias "Rottenboy" Persson - drums
2008-  Martin Eklöv - bass
2009-  Benny Bats - guitar
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1999-2002  Niklas Dewerud - drums
1999-2009  Peter Persson - guitar
2000-2004  Dennis Röndum - vocals
2000-2006  Marcus Nilsson - guitar
2000-2008  Calle Löfgren - bass
2004-2012  Martin Pedersen - vocals
2006-2008  Martin Bermheden - guitar
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2006  Martin Eklöv - bass

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