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My Shameful

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Country: Finland
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 1999
Disbanded in: 2015

1999-2015 Death doom metal
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1999-2015  Sami Rautio - vocals, guitars, keyboards
2001-2015  Mario Hahn - guitar
2001-2015  Twist - bass
2007-2015  Jürgen Fröhling - drums
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1999-2000  Harri Jussila - guitars, vocals, bass, synths
2001-2007  Mark Napier - drums
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2000  Janne Marttila - bass

Latest reviews

"Descend" is the new album of the Finish dudes of My Shameful. If you were into that band before this new release, I must tell you that you'll maybe be a bit disturbed by their new sound. Now, My Shameful is definitely more "Metal"...   Review by Jeff ››
...And dust shall cover this Cd

I love Doom Metal, and I'm always open for what the genre has to offer, but sometimes I come across stuff that is just not my cup of tea, sad, but true. This is one of those cases, being a fan of almost everything...   Review by Undercraft ››

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