Glenn Tipton

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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Rhino Records
Links: Official website

Formed in: 1994

1994- Heavy metal
1994- Alternative rock
1994- Grunge


1994-  Glenn Raymond Tipton - guitar, vocals, bass
1994-1996  Neil Murray - bass
1994-1996  Whitfield Crane - vocals
1994-1996  Don Airey - keyboards
1994-1996  Cozy Powell - drums
1994-1996  Shannon Larkin - drums
1994-1996  Brooks Wackerman - drums
1994-1996  John Entwistle - bass
1994-1996  Billy Sheehan - bass
1994-1996  C.J. de Villar - bass
1994-1996  Robert Trujillo - bass
1994-1996  Rick Tipton - drums

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In addition of the re-release of "Edge Of The World" the American label Rhino Entertainment chose to re-release also, "Baptizm Of Fire". First and unique solo album of Judas Priest's guitarist Glenn Tipton, the history of this...   Review by Jeff ››


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