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Also known as Алконост

Country: Russia
Label: Einheit Produktionen

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Formed in: 1995

1995- Pagan folk metal


1995-  Andrey Losev - guitars
2012-2014  Kseniya Pobuzhanskaya - vocals
› 2015-  -//-
2016-  Rustem Shagitov - bass
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1995-1997  Sergey "Kooker" Medvedev - guitar
1995-2010  Alexey Solovyov - bass, vocals
1998-2000  Vladimir "VL" Lushin - drums, backing vocals
1999-2011  Almira Fathullina - keyboards
2000-2011  Anton Chepigin - drums
2000-2011  Alena Pasynkova - vocals
2003-2015  Dmitriy Sokolov - guitars
2010-2011  Vladimir Pavlik - bass, vocals
2012-2015  Maxim "Max Payne" Schtanke - bass, vocals
2014-2015  Anastasia Ryabova - drums
2015-2016  Victor "Vitek" Buznaev - bass, vocals
2015-2016  Danila Pereladov - guitars
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1997  Raji - vocals
2006  Masha Arhipova - vocals

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Like "Pesni Vechnogo Dreva", "Stone Heart Blood" is composed of re-recorded old songs like new songs of Alkonost discography. One more time the Russian combo is back with a lovely album of dark Folk Metal mixed with Doom and Pagan...   Review by Jeff ››
If I must give you the name of a Russian band that I particularly like, I will talk about Alkonost. The Russian combo is not really famous but all people who use to listen to Folk and Pagan music know this really good band which uses to releases excellent...   Review by Jeff ››
Fourth album of the excellent Pagan Folk combo from Russia, Alkonost, "Mezhmirie" is a good way to fall in love with the musical world of this really atypical band. With its mix of great symphonic vocals and folk melodies, "Mezhmirie"...   Review by Jeff ››

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