Until Death Overtakes Me

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Country: Belgium

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Formed in: 1999
Disbanded in: 2011

1999-2011 Funeral doom metal
1999-2011 Ambient


1999-2011  Stijn Van Cauter [ MS user ] - all instruments
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2000-2001  Elke de Smedt - acoustic guitar, keyboards
2000-2001  Jo Renette - guitars, bass, keyboards
2000-2001  Pamela Turrell - flute, recorder
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2003  Mark Bodossian - bass
2003  Kostas Panagiotou - keyboards

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Until Death Overtakes me is one bright example of what i call constructive minimalism! Ultra slow ambient funeral doom that flows in a lethargic and downtrodden way, unfolding in fields of dark serenity! Stijn Van Cauter is the man with the 1000s projects...   Review by DerRozzengarten ››


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