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Also known as Ion

Country: Ireland
Label: Equilibrium Music
Links: Official website

Formed in: 2004

2004- Neofolk


2004-  Duncan Patterson - vocals, all instruments
2010  Filipa Vale - violin, cello
2010  Laura Santos - vocals
2010  Viola Roccagli - vocals
2010  Nuno Roberto - guitar
2010  Gina Rios - vocals
2010  Veronica Neumann - vocals
2010  Steve Mullen - uilleann pipes
2010  Mila Maia - vocals
2010  Mark Kelson - guitars, vocals
2010  Colin Fromont-Placenti - djembe, carjon, darbuka
2010  Ana Figueiredo - flute
2010  Lisa Cuthbert - vocals
2010  Aoife Cuthbert - vocals
2010  Gokce Coskun - violin
2010  Oana Alexandra Coman-Sipeanu - vocals
2010  Vic Anselmo - vocals

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Let's talk a bit about something which is not so Metal today. Well, not really Metal but a bit probably since that the main compositor is Mr Duncan Patterson, famous for his participations in Antimatter and of course, Anathema. A bit Metal also because...   Review by Jeff ››


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