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Also known as S.D.S. (1988-1990)

Country: Finland
Label: Svart Records

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Formed in: 1988
Broke up: 1994-2012

1988-1989 Speed metal
1990- Death metal
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1988-  Rami Jämsä - guitars, vocals
1988-  Juha Telenius - bass
2012-  Rolle Markos - drums
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1988-1994  Toni Honkala - guitars
1988-1994  Janne Miikkulainen - drums
1991-1992  Jani Kuhanen - guitars
2012-2014  Kristian Kangasniemi - guitars
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Convulse is one of those bands that's capable of being completely unknown and legendary at the same time. Unknown to almost the entire known population of the Milky Way, legendary among the few appreciators of the Finnish (Nokia) Death metal scene....   Review by Lucas ››

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