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Suicidal Angels


2001-  Nick Mellisourgos - vocals, guitar
2003-  Orfeas Tzortzopoulos - drums
2013-  Angel Lelikakis - bass
2015-  Gus Drax - guitars
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2001-2003  Makis Giousmas - guitar
2001-2003  Fanis - drums
2001-2004  Kostas Antoniou - bass
2004  Thanos Athanasopoulos - guitar
2004  Giannis Oikonomou - bass
2004  John Koutsamanis - bass
2004-2006  Paralis Thodoris - bass
2004-2009  Themis Katsimichas - guitar
2006-2008  Sotiris Skarpalezos - bass
2009  Vaggelis - guitar
2009-2012  Panos Spanos - guitars
2009-2013  Angelos Kritsotakis - bass
2012-2015  Christos Tsitsis - guitars
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2013  Schmier - vocals

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2011 and thrash got along like those couples you see on commercials. 2011 would be all rubbing her head on thrash's shoulders, giggling at thrash's flirtatious quip-riffs, they'd give each other those "we have a bunch of...   Review by wormdrink414 ››

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