Bound By Entrails

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Country: USA
Label: Runefire Records

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Formed in: 2004
Disbanded in: 2016

2004-2016 Atmospheric black metal
2004-2016 Symphonic black metal
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2004-2016  Brett Wehmeyer - guitars, vocals
2007-2016  Tyler Platt - drums
2008-2016  Billy Harbour - keyboards, backing vocals
2012-2016  Cory Llewellen - guitars
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2005-2007  Nitoh Mahkwi - guitars
2005-2007  Mortaeus - drums
2007-2008  Jeremy ''Vitreik'' Garner - guitars
2009-2012  Mark Eppihimer - bass
2009-2012  Christopher Hansson - guitars
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Bound By Entrails are certainly no strangers to these ears. Almost two years ago I reviewed their debut album For Vallhal's Sorrow. In retrospect, my rating (5.5) was perhaps a bit harsh, but I still stand by my earlier criticism (generic and forgettable)....   Review by Lucas ››

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