Astra (USA)

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Country: USA
Label: Rise Above Records

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Formed in: 2006

2006- Progressive rock
2006- Psychedelic rock


2006-  Richard Vaughan - guitar, mellotron, moog, vocals
2006-  Conor Riley - mellotron, moog, organ, piano, vocals
2006-  Stuart Sclater - bass
2008-  Brian Ellis - guitar, moog
2013-  Paul Marrone - drums
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2001-2006  Andrew Sclater - drums
2006-2013  David Hurley - drums, percussion, flute
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Well well well, isn't this a nice display of over indulgence. This is an album that grabs you, enthrals you, then shortly leaves you checking your proverbial watch and edging closer to the proverbial door before the proverbial crowd disperses and it takes you 20 minutes to get out of the proverbial parking lot.   Review by Doc G. ››


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