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Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records

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Formed in: 1988

1988- Heavy metal
1988- Power metal


1988-  Harry Oellers - keyboards
1988-  Bernhard Weiß - vocals
2004-  Rob Schomaker - bass
2012-  Dirk Brand - drums
2015-  Stefan Weber - guitars
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1988-1993  Werner Kleinhaus - bass
1988-1998  Walter Pietsch - guitars
1988-2004  Richard Michaelski - drums
1988-2004  Kuno Niemeyer - bass
1993-1998  Markus Gfeller - bass
1998-2006  Guido Wehmeyer - guitars
2004-2008  André Hilgers - drums
2007-2015  Marco Wriedt - guitars
2008-2012  Alex Landenburg - drums
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2004  Kosta Zafiriou - drums
2004  Rob Schomaker - bass
2007-2008  Ana Mladinovici - vocals
2008  Dirk Brand - drums
2004-  Kerstin Bischof - backup vocals
2008  Lars Vollmer - saxophone

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Axxis are a fantastic band, they really are. They can put on one of the most enjoyable live shows you will ever see. Unfortunately however they never seem to be able to create the fun energy they create on stage, on an album. Utopia is album twelve from...   Review by Baz Anderson ››
Axxis is a strange bandů even if this combo from Germany clearly plays a really generic and conventional German Power Metal, I don't know how they do it but all their albums have a real personality and are original in the endů "Doom Of Destiny"...   Review by Jeff ››
Even after 16 years of music in the scene, Axxis is still alive and back with a new album "Paradise In Flames" through the big German label AFM Records. Their career is actually weird, Axxis is not a bad band but let's be honest they never...   Review by Jeff ››

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