Shredding The Envelope

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Country: USA
Label: Standstill And Scream
Links: Myspace

Formed in: 2008

2009- Heavy metal
2009- Thrash metal


2008-  Dave Reffett - vocals, guitars, bass
2011-  Ji Kim - drums
2009  Chris Poland - guitars
2009  Gabe Taylor - guitars
2009  Glen Drover - guitars
2009  Joe Stump - guitars
2009  Michael Angelo Batio - guitars
2009  George Lynch - guitars
2009  Michael "Mike" Mangini - drums

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Heavy metal does not need to be pretentious or completely bizarre in order to sound fresh and exciting. While straight-forward hard-rock/heavy metal may seem to be one of the simpler genres of the metal spectrum, the fact that there's no room for...   Review by Doc Godin ››

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