Cult Of Luna

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Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1998

2000- Post-metal
2000- Sludge metal
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1998-  Johannes Persson - guitars, vocals
1998-  Magnus Lindberg - drums
2002-  Andreas Johansson - bass
2003-  Thomas Hedlund (I) - drums, percussion
2004-  Fredrik Kihlberg - guitars, vocals
2015-  Kristian Karlsson - keyboards, samples
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1998  Fredrik Renstrom - bass
1998-2012  Klas Rydberg - vocals
1998-2014  Erik Olofsson - guitars
1999-2002  Axel Stattin - bass
1999-2003  Marco Hilden - drums
2003-2013  Anders Teglund - keyboards, samples
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2016-  David Johansson - guitars
2013-  Christian Augustin - drums
2013  David Johansson - bass
› 2016-  -//- guitars
2013  Jonas Nordström - keyboards
2013-2015  Kristian Karlsson - keyboards, samples
2014  Klas Rydberg - vocals
2015  Erik Olofsson - guitars

Latest reviews

I must start off this review with a confession.

I'd never listened to Cult Of Luna before.

Yeah, I realize that a post-atmo-sludge band is pushing the envelope outside the box in my wheelhouse, but never bothered. Was too busy exploring elsewhere...   Review by BitterCOld ››
Rarely does an album place you in the exact environment which its creators would have you experience. Even rarer, in my experience, is when such is achieved within the wide reaching scope of post-metal; albums can be loose in their effort to engage the listener and they tend to be vague in their atmospheric axis points. The lines of latitude are often blurred and while an atmosphere is usually present it can be an altogether indifferent experience as you fail to identify your location. Yet listening to Cult Of Luna's latest release Vertikal you'll likely be more the wiser about your surroundings.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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