Unholy Sermon


2005-  Arjuna Kumar - vocals, guitars
2008-  Suchinta De Silva - guitars
2010-  Dinuk Perry - bass
2010-  Sithija Dilshan - drums
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2005-2006  Uditha - vocals
2005-2008  Anton - keyboads, bass
2005-2008  Pubudu - bass, guitars
2005-2009  Dilruksha Siribaddana - drums
2007-2008  Suran Jayatillake - vocals
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Encountering some trouble writing this review—there are only so many ways to say that an album sucks--I turned to the kind persons at Dyson for help. They assisted me with the composition of the following:

I know that giving young bands shit can be a...   Review by wormdrink414 ››

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