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Deadend In Venice

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2008-  Christian Litzba - vocals
2008-  Annabell Klein - vocals
2008-  Kevin Klein - guitars
2008-  Tim Schmidtke - guitar
2008-  Frank Koppe - drums
2008-  Andreas Ackermann - bass

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Melodeath is a hard type of music to pull off. Scratch that, melodeath is a hard type of music to pull off right. It's easy to make boring melodeath and still have it sound decent on the surface before any further investigation. Deadend In Venice manage to fall victim to all the things that can plague any type of band trying to play this music. The effort is there, but this ain't bumble-bee league soccer, I don't hand out trophies for being a good sport and trying your hardest.   Review by Doc G. ››


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