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Country: Canada
Label: Feast or Famine Recordings

Links: Official Website
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Current members:
NA-  Tyler Brand - vocals
NA-  Ben Waugh - guitar, vocals
NA-  Tim Waugh - drums
NA-  Nick Denomme - bass
NA-  John-Paul Denomme - guitar

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News / Concerts / Interviews

05.10.2016 USA, New York, NY
06.10.2016 USA, Pittsburgh, PA
07.10.2016 USA, Valparaiso, IN
08.10.2016 USA, Des Moines, IA
09.10.2016 USA, Denver, CO
12.10.2016 USA, Boise, ID
13.10.2016 USA, Seattle, WA
14.10.2016 CAN, Vancouver, BC
15.10.2016 USA, Portland, OR
16.10.2016 USA, Santa Cruz, CA
18.10.2016 USA, Los Angeles, CA
19.10.2016 USA, San Diego, CA
22.10.2016 USA, Austin, TX - Texas Revolution Fest 2016
24.10.2016 USA, St. Louis, MO
25.10.2016 USA, Cincinnati, OH

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