Dol Ammad

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Country: Greece
Label: Electronic Art Metal Records

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Formed in: 2000

2000- Electronic symphonic metal


NA-  Greg Perialas - bass vocals
NA-  Anila Teli - soprano vocals
NA-  Melina Paschalidou - soprano vocals
NA-  Alex Barbas - tenor vocals
NA-  Asterios Tsetsilas - tenor vocals
NA-  Dimitra Athanasatou - alto vocals
NA-  Athanasia Thomopoulou - alto vocals
NA-  Thanasis Pavlou - bass vocals
2000-  Thanasis Lightbridge - synthesizers, drums (2012)
2002-  Themis Mpasdekis - tenor vocals
2002-  Kortessa Tsifodimou - soprano vocals
2002-  Kyriakos Chouvardas - bass vocals
2005-  Sofia "S.P" Patsi - alto vocals
2005-  Dimitris "Dim" Makrantonakis - guitars, bass (2012)
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2002-2005  Marieta Panagiotidou - alto vocals
2002-2005  Zoe Tsokanou - soprano vocals
2002-2005  Jimmy Wicked - guitars
2002-NA  Yiannis Tsalouhidis - bass vocals
2002-NA  Petros Moraitis - bass vocals
2002-NA  Panos Iampoultakis - tenor vocals
2002-NA  Nick Terry - bass
2002-NA  Vicky Alexaki - alto vocals
2002-NA  Maria Stolaki - alto vocals
2002-NA  Alexandros Barmpas - tenor vocals
2003-NA  Alexandra Voulgari - soprano vocals
2003-NA  Alex Holzwarth - drums
2005-NA  Ntina Strani - alto vocals
2005-NA  Mary Palaska - soprano vocals
2005-NA  Anestis Papageorgiou - tenor vocals
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2006-2010  D.C. Cooper - vocals

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Oh my god how can I redact this review; an album like this doesn't come as often as one would like…or not like or whatever…this is so weird and so different that even holds my nerves to write this review, I'll keep it short, honest and objective....   Review by Herzebeth ››

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